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What kind of business is personal and professional, flexible and lucrative? The answer is the growing personal training business. A personal training business incorporates personal training skills with business and marketing models to create a successful enterprise. A personal training business can be small, with just one trainer running the whole show, or include a variety of trainers. It can be focused on just one segment of the industry – triathlon training or mixed martial arts, for example – or encompass a variety of disciplines. Personal trainer businesses can work in almost any location and almost any time of day.

The biggest key to a successful personal training business? Preparation. Preparation includes a personal fitness training certification as well as the right mix of business and marketing skills. Some personal training certifications even include business training within the course curriculum, making it easier for personal trainers to launch – and excel at – their own business.

Personal Trainer Marketing and Business Systems

Getting Certified in the Personal Trainer Business
While many personal trainer certifications focus exclusively on the physical aspect of the training – exercises, movements, progressions, anatomy and physiology, and so on – a select few also also incorporate the business of personal training, helping students understand how to start a business, how to grow a business and how to succeed in that personal training business.
To find the best personal trainer business certification for you, seek out the certification programs that regularly include business and marketing skills, advice and training in their curriculum. Feel free to ask questions ahead of time, so that you are ultimately comfortable with the personal training business program you select. If you already have experience in the fitness and wellness industry, you can really focus in on this aspect of the program – really learning what it takes to lead a profitable personal training business in the industry today.

Aspects of the Personal Training Business
The personal training business has a lot of layers. In addition to the personal training portion of your business, it is important to understand how social media, including Facebook, Twitter and other sites, can help you reach more people in less time with less money. Likewise, you should also learn what strategies are most effective for different types of clients, how to launch a website and email newsletter, how to create effective press releases that generate buzz, and how to use the power of search engine optimization or SEO to build business. All of these strategies can help you start and build a personal training business regardless of what the current economy is doing.

When you can combine the power of business and marketing know-how with the discipline of personal training skills, you can create a lucrative, worthwhile, effective and successful personal training business that will stand out in the industry.

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